HPNA Shakespeare in the Park - Henry IV

  • 18 Aug 2016
  • 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
  • hamilton park

Henry IV came to the throne by deposing Richard II, the rightful king. Henry's rule has never been quiet and marked by
nobles constantly trying to either kill him or take over the throne. Henry's former allies Henry Percy also known as
Hotspur, his father and uncle become the latest to mount an insurrection against him.

Meanwhile, the king's estranged son Prince Hal wants nothing to with the throne and spends all of his time hanging
out at the Boar's Head tavern with his surrogate criminal father "Fat Jack" Falstaff and his best friend in crime Poins.
Falstaff plots the latest in his series of highway robberies but Poins and Hal decide to play a trick on him and rob
Falstaff and his cronies. The practical joke comes out later at the tavern as Hal spills the beans. After exchanging
several insults, word arrives that the King has ordered Hal back to the court. Unsure of what to expect Falstaff thinks
the prince will be reamed out by his father. Hal and Falstaff act out the mock encounter of between the king and Hal.

The next day all fun and games are over as King Henry calls his son worthless and is about to send him away when Hal
rallies and states he will do anything to make amends between them. King Henry relents and informs Hal of the Hotspur
rebellion and the two mount an army to counter them. Hotspur meanwhile gathers his own reluctant allies and the two
armies meet. A rousing duel is fought between the two young men where Hotspur is killed and King Henry is saved.
Falstaff claims credit for killing Hotspur despite Hal's protests to the contrary.

King Henry returns to court but the strain of the rebellion is finally caught up with him and knows he is dying. Falstaff
and Hal return to the tavern where Falstaff returns to his life of cheating people out of money and hanging around his
cronies and his favorite prostiture Doll. When word arrives of yet another rebellion and that the king is dying, Hal goes
to court while Falstaff mounts new forces. At court Hal arrives and believes that his father has already died. He takes
the crown but is cornered by his not so dead father. The two reconcile as both father and son and the king warns Hal
that being King has been nothing but a curse to him.

The king perishes and Hal is crowned Henry V where Falstaff believes he is going to be rewarded for his "friendship'
with Hal however, he doesn't exactly get what he expects.

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