Shakespeare in the Park will have two performances this summer.

Thursday, June 20, 2019 at 7:00 pm: 

As You Like It

Hot headed Orlando is shut out of his inheritance by his really mean older brother Oliver and decides to make a name for himself in Duke Frederick's amateur wrestling match.  In his display of physical prowess, he thoroughly impresses the Duke's daughter Celia and her cousin, Rosalind the daughter of the deposed duke, Duke senior.  Rosalind is head-over-heels in love and relishes getting more one-on-one time with him.  However, before any further meeting can occur, the neurotic and looking for plots around ever corner Duke Frederick appears with his trusty guards and exiles Rosalind to the Forest of Arden.  Celia joins her along with her ready with a quip jester, Touchstone.  Meanwhile Orlando learns from his trusty servant Adam that he's a wanted man by the Duke and his brother Oliver and they run off for the forest themselves.  In the Forest of Arden, Rosalind and crew encounter a crazy cast of characters including a shepherdess lusty for Rosalind, a specifying courtier, a love sick songster and many others.  As happy as Rosalind is in her new adventure she is even more giddy to learn that Orlando is in the forest but how can she get him interested and keep up her disguise while dodging a lusty Phoebe and the other crazy citizens of the forest?   Music, comedy and Shakespeare pop together in this road trip fantasy.

Thursday, July 25, 2019 at 7:00 pm:  

All-female Coriolanus

This is not the Rome you know:  of the Empire, the glory days of Julius Caesar and gladiators.  No, this is a world "elsewhere".  A Rome in its infancy.  When Rome was a warring city state, battling neighboring tribes for wealth, power, and land.  Coriolanus, Rome's best solider, has conquered the latest enemies to Rome - the Volscians - and returns only to be hated by her people.  In trying to re-establish themselves, Rome seeks another Consul. Coriolanus seems to be just the person for the job - but will her pride and disdain for the people get in the way?  Will Coriolanus be able to win the hearts of her country?  Can a soldier make a good politician.  And what happens to a person when their home abandons them?  Come see this epic tale of war, politics, honor, and revenge set in a rough, primitive Amazoninan outpost with an all female cast.

Address: 344 Grove St. PMB #166, Jersey City, NJ 07302

Phone: +1 (201) 589-0750


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