• 25 Jan 2016 11:28 AM | Anonymous

    Newport Associates would like to lower the parking ratio to their next 10th Street embankment building (The Revetment Building).  The redevelopment plan requires a 1 to 1 parking ratio.  They are proposing 96 parking spots for the 163 units in the building.  That's an on-site parking ratio of .58 per unit.  Through a shuffling of parking spots Newport Associates would like the majority of the people in The Embankment Building to use a lot on the other side of 11th Street.  The Revetment Building would then be allowed to rent parking spots in the The Embankment Building.  By doing this, on paper, Newport Associates can say that the parking ratio is higher.

    It wasn't too long ago that past HPNA board members worked with the city to solidify having 1 to 1 parking and items such as dog runs for these buildings.  Newport Associates/LeFrak agreed to those items and they were placed into the redevelopment plan.


    2016.01.14 310 10th Street Revetment Drawings.pdf

    This change will go before the planning board on 2/23.  All are welcome to speak.

    Please check the homepage of our website for updates.

    You can also email your city representatives.

    Bob Cotter (head of planning), MaryAnn Bucci (planning), Councilwoman Osborne, Councilman at Large Rolando Lavarro, and the HPNA



    2007.01.09 Resolution of the Planning Board for Newport Associates.pdf

    2013.02.13 Jersey Ave Tenth St RDP Amd2.pdf

    2014.01.31 270 Tenth Street amendments.pdf

    2014.06.30 270 Tenth Street Public Notice Request to Lower Parking Ratio.pdf

    2014.07.08 270 10th St Amended final resolution.pdf

    2016.01.14 310 Tenth Street Public Notice Request to Lower Parking Ratio.pdf

  • 20 Jan 2016 1:28 PM | Anonymous
    Free youth (boys and girls k-8) lacrosse clinics at MS4 6:30 to 8pm on 2/10 and 2/17, and at PS15 on 2/9 and 2/11 5 to 7pm. No equipment or experience needed!


  • 05 Jan 2016 9:07 PM | Anonymous

    Put the tree out Wednesday night

    Curbside Christmas Tree Collection Schedule for the year 2016

    • JANUARY 07, 2016
    • JANUARY 14, 2016
    • JANUARY 21, 2016
    • JANUARY 28, 2016

    Christmas trees must be free of ornaments and/or lights and placed curbside Wednesday night between the hours of 7:00 PM and 10:00 PM for Thursday's collection. Once curbside, any and all bags must be removed from tree. 


    For additional information please call 201-432-4645 EXT. 2620.


  • 17 Dec 2015 9:50 AM | Anonymous
     There's a new Retail furniture and decor shop located at 150 Bay St. They can also wrap and ship the gifts for you.

  • 05 Dec 2015 5:26 PM | Anonymous

    Dear Resident,

    Please be advised that the Jersey City Municipal Utilities Authority (JCMUA) engaged the services of J.F. Creamer & Sons Construction Company to replace the combined sewer in 6th Street between Monmouth Street to Manila.

    We  anticipate  that  the  project  will  start  the  beginning  of  January  and  will  take approximately  6 months to complete .

    If you have any questions/concerns please contact the JCMUA Engineering Department at (20I ) 209-0319 .

    Rich Haytus, Senior Engineer 

    Kuti Roedema, JCMUA Engineer

    We thank you in advance for your patience.


    555 ROUTE #440JERSEY CITY, NEW J ERSEY 07305 

    TEL: (20 I ) 432-1 150 ·FAX: (20 I ) 432- 1576

  • 26 Oct 2015 11:20 AM | Anonymous

    A Letter From Mark Redfield, Director, Department of Public Works:

    As the winter months approach, we are aware of the difficulties that many Jersey City residents face when it snows. Senior citizens are among those who are the most affected by harsh weather conditions and the physical toll that often accompanies shoveling snow. Unfortunately, many seniors have no one to assist them and are not able to afford professional services. This has an enormous impact on the quality of life for all Jersey City residents. That is why I have been working on assembling a volunteer-driven initiative called: JC Shovels.

    JC Shovels aims to recruit a team of volunteers City-wide to assist in the shoveling of low- income, elderly home-owners who face physical restrictions that impair their ability to remove snow from their property. Our hope is to have Neighborhood and Block Associations, Park groups, and High School students to assist us with the execution of this important initiative so that it can be as successful as possible.

    Attached you will find a volunteer form. We ask that all interested volunteers fill out the form in its entirety and return to us by November 2nd so that we can better understand how many volunteers we have and how many qualifying seniors we can serve this winter season. Please feel free to direct any additional inquiries to Patrick Ambrossi and Cynthia Slaughter at pambrossivista@jcnj.org and cslaughtervista@jcnj.org. We look forward to working with you to insure a better quality of life for all Jersey City Residents.


  • 26 Oct 2015 11:09 AM | Anonymous

    Neighborhood Cats using Trap-Neuter-Return

    From Neighborhood Cats:

    If you live or work in the city's 07302 zip code and need assistance with community cats there, Neighborhood Cats wants to help. We've just launched a targeted Trap-Neuter-Return project in 07302 and will be fixing 1,000 feral and stray cats in that area. To request TNR help for cats in your 07302 neighborhood, please contact Jade Vasquez, 201-204-8514jade@neighborhoodcats.org. Or Call our JC hotline # 800-544-0474
    Note! - We anticipate heavy demand so please be patient; we will respond to all inquiries and will address colonies as our resources allow.
    This project is funded by a generous grant from PetSmart Charities.

    About Neighborhood Cats


    Jade Vazquez, listed above manages the Jersey City/Hudson County chapter of Neighborhood Cats. Neighborhood Cats is a nonprofit 501 (c)(3) organization. 

    Neighborhood Cats believes Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) is   the most humane and effective method available to end the severe feral cat overpopulation crisis faced by this country. Our mission is to make TNR fully understood, accepted   and practiced in every community.

    To accomplish our goals, we work on both the local  and national levels. In New York City, where we are based, we have guided the development of one of the most comprehensive community TNR programs in operation today. To promote TNR throughout the United States and beyond, we have created award-winning educational materials, including books, videos and online courses. We host the leading website in the field, present at conferences and seminars throughout the country, and regularly collaborate   with other organizations to develop new materials and tools. 

    Tens of millions of cats living on the streets and struggling to survive is today’s reality. Neighborhood Cats is determined to make sure the same is not true tomorrow.

  • 01 Oct 2015 3:01 PM | Anonymous

    JC Families has published the JC Education Guide 2015-2016 which can be seen here.

  • 14 Sep 2015 3:47 PM | Anonymous

    One of our neighbors found her house incorrectly listed on this Vacant Building List.  Click here to see the list which begins on page 50 of this document.  

  • 29 Jul 2015 3:44 PM | Anonymous
    Each year 9C Tavern pledges to fill at least 50 backpacks full of much needed school supplies which get distributed to students who need them. For students whose families struggle to make ends meet this is a much welcomed event. They will be collecting through Aug 29th. Supplies can be dropped off at 9th and Coles Tavern located at 174 Coles Street Jersey City NJ 07302 during regular business hours. Below is a pdf link that you can click to get the list of supplies they are collecting:

    List of Supplies

    Facebook Link

Address: 344 Grove St. PMB #166, Jersey City, NJ 07302

Phone: +1 (201) 589-0750

Email: hpnajc@gmail.com

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