• 29 Apr 2017 11:09 AM | Anonymous
    The developer of 400 Newark is seeking the following variances from the Neighborhood Commercial Zoning district requirements:


    Number of stories (5 is required) we are requesting 7 stories;

    Number of parking spaces (25 required) we are requesting 12;

    Number of bicycle parking spaces (12 required) we are requesting 8;

    Parking stall aisle width (24ft required) we are requesting 19.33 ft.;

    Parking stall size (18 ft. length required) we are requesting 18 ft. and 16 ft. for compact spaces.

    2017.04.29 400 Newark Ave Full Set.pdf 

  • 27 Apr 2017 11:44 PM | Anonymous

    There will be a representative from this project at our next HPNA meeting.  Until then, here are some links if you'd like to learn more about the Bergen Arches Project.  

    Teaser video - https://vimeo.com/155740849

    Short overview - bergenarches.com

    In news - http://newjersey.news12.com/news/jersey-city-production-company-wants-to-turn-bergen-arches-into-public-space-1.12224676

    and Jersey City Digs - https://jerseydigs.com/bergen-arches-project-jersey-city/

    2017.04.27 Bergen Arches 2.pdf

  • 28 Mar 2017 9:54 AM | Anonymous
    The JC Division of Traffic and Engineering , along with the DPW, recently made a number of improvements to this area. Specifically, they:
    • 1.       Repaired the existing street sign pole at southwest corner of the Jersey/10th intersection so it is facing the correct direction and removed the old "detour" sign on same pole;
    • 2.       Replaced both existing "No Truck" signs at the Jersey/10th intersection with larger signs (increase to 30" from 24");
    • 3.       Placed a supplemental "Truck Route" sign at northeast corner of the Jersey/10th intersection;
    • 4.       Placed a "No Right Turn" sign at the Jersey/9th intersection under the existing one-way arrow (left) sign; and
    • 5.       Placed a "Do Not Enter" sign at southwest corner of Jersey/9th intersection (facing east).

    The JC Division of Traffic and Engineering is also investigating the feasibility of installing more protection at the park entrance. 

  • 08 Feb 2017 3:34 PM | Anonymous

    The proposed amendment to the Jersey Ave RDP (redevelopment plan) containing the newly carved out "Emerson District" dated 2/1/17 will go to the planning board this Tuesday evening 2/14.  This plan has been slightly altered since its 11/3/16 version.

    Here's the 2/1/17 proposed version going before the planning board

    2017.02.01 Jersey Avenue Park Redevelopment Plan - Emerson District Amendments.pdf

    Here's the previous proposed version from 11/3/16

    2016.11.03 Jersey Avenue Park Redevelopment Plan - Emerson District Amendments FINAL.pdf

    Here's the existing plan

    2015.05.13 Jersey Ave Park Amd 07 - RDP.pdf

    Jersey City 2017 Planning Board agendas can be found here:


    If you'd like to get the planning board or zoning board agendas sent to your email directly reach out to Barbara Payne in the planning department:  barbarap@jcnj.org   (201) 547-5010

    Looking towards the northern edge of the Hamilton Park neighborhood and north of the neighborhood this map can let you see what's been built, what's being proposed and what's potentially coming down the road.  Check it out.

    The entire Acme shopping area, along with St. Lucy's shelter (which we've heard is moving), and the historic Lackawanna building (which isn't labelled as historic) is in a redevelopment plan too.  

    2015.05.13 Jersey Ave Light Rail RDP Amd4.pdf

  • 06 Feb 2017 8:56 PM | Anonymous

    Thank you to everyone that participated in the survey.  We had over 500 responses and gathered great feedback for the the planning department.  The community would overwhelming like to keep the area under 13 stories.

    See the full results here:  2017.02.05 Roberto Clemente Survey Results.pdf

  • 14 Jan 2017 2:07 PM | Anonymous

    There is a proposed RDP (redevelopment plan) for the blocks in between Marin & Manilla, 6th & 8th street.  The baseball field will remain a baseball field.  Please read the details of the plan before taking the survey.

    MaryAnn Bucci, Acting Director, Division of City Planning and Matt Ward, Senior Planner would like the neighborhood's feedback.  DO NOT TAKE THIS SURVEY MORE THAN ONCE.

    TAKE THE SURVEY HERE:  https://goo.gl/forms/WTzyEUO8k71koVcw2

    The area is currently within the Luis Munoz Marin RDP.

    2014.06.25 Luis Munoz Marin Redevelopment Plan.pdf

    The city planners would like to place it within its own RDP which would be called the Roberto Clemente RDP.

    2016.12.09 Roberto Clemente Redevelopment Plan DRAFT.pdf

    Proposed Plan

    Overview of Proposed Changes to RDP

    While we are hoping that the city will make changes based on our feedback, should you want to email the city now please also cc the HPNA so that we can reference the amount of emails the city received later.  

    Anthony Cruz (Director, Department of Housing, Economic Development & Commerce), MaryAnn Bucci (Acting Director, Division of City Planning), Matt Ward (Senior Planner), Councilwoman Candice Osborne, Council President Rolando Lavarro, Councilman at Large Daniel Rivera, and the HPNA

    acruz@jcnj.orgmaryannb@jcnj.orgmward@jcnj.orgcosborne@jcnj.org, RLavarro@jcnj.org, DRivera@jcnj.org, hpnajc@gmail.com

    And most importantly plan on attending the Planning Board meeting.  Check our HPNA website and facebook page to stay up to date.  Possible dates for this to be on the agenda will be 1/24, 2/14, and/or 2/28.


  • 01 Jan 2017 11:57 AM | Anonymous

    Looking for an overview of the Jersey City board meeting dates?  This calendar lists the Planning Board, Zoning Board, Historic Preservation, Artist Certification, and Environmental Commission dates for 2017.

    2017 JC All Boards Calendar Draft.pdf

    The city has been transferring over to the open data portal so it's still a little confusing as to whether one should look for agendas here:  http://data.jerseycitynj.gov/ or here: http://jerseycitynj.gov/citycouncilagenda/

  • 07 Dec 2016 5:56 PM | Anonymous

    Below is the proposal for a 20 unit - 20 parking spots - 6 story - 75x100 building at 366 6th Street.  The 7th Street Block Association has been working with the developer on this plan and it will go before zoning for a variance next.

    2016.12.07 Proposed 366 6th ZONING SET.pdf

  • 22 Nov 2016 10:20 AM | Anonymous

    This is from Bike JC.  You can express your support for or against this at the upcoming city council meeting December 14th.  Double check the agenda to make sure it's still on it as the date approaches:  http://www.cityofjerseycity.com/citycouncil.aspx?id=864

    Bike JC asks for your support in the creation of Jersey City's first protected bike lane on Grand Street.

    Motor vehicular, cycling and pedestrian traffic has dramatically increased in Jersey City over the last few years, particularly on Grand Street. As Bike JC looks to expand upon the existing bike-lane network, we understand the need to install protected bike lanes on our busiest roads. Bike JC's vision begins with Grand Street.

    Grand Street runs through several neighborhoods and serves as a connection to major routes and highways. Grand Street also borders the entrance to Liberty State Park for many Jersey City residents and is lined with multiple schools, community centers, houses of worship, commercial and residential districts and the Jersey City Medical Center.  

    Protected bike lanes have proven to be the best tool for encouraging an increase in cycling among the majority of people who are interested in getting around by bike but are concerned about safety. Protected bike lanes are safer for cyclists, create increased awareness and reduces speeding amongst drivers, increase safety at intersections for pedestrians and cyclists and have proven to dramatically reduce the number of cyclists who ride on sidewalks. 

    A recent study of protected bike lanes in the US and Canada proves how effective protected bike lanes are throughout both countries and staunchly supports Bike JC's Grand Street Vision. We ask that residents, businesses, schools, houses of worship and the representatives of Jersey City join in our vision and support the creation of Jersey City's first protected bike lane on Grand Street.

    Please see attached before and after images with the proposed protected bike lane.

    and sign and share the petition at - 


  • 09 Nov 2016 2:38 PM | Anonymous

    The area north of 12th street is exploding!  The medium rise district (see principals below) is headed towards becoming a high rise district.  Want to learn more?  Read the proposed changes below.  Click on images to enlarge.

    Existing Jersey Ave Park Redevelopment Plan

    2015.05.13 Jersey Ave Park Amd 07 - RDP.pdf

    The image below is of the mixed use district of the plan which includes the Cast Iron Lofts

    Medium Rise District allowable heights etc.

    Proposed Changes Jersey Ave Park Redevelopment Plan - creation of the "Emerson District" which use to fall within the "Medium Rise District"

    Jersey Avenue Park Redevelopment Plan - Emerson District Amendments FINAL 11.3.16 searchable.pdf

    VAN LEER proposed variances

    2016.09.29 Van Leer Site Plan Amendment Summary.pdf

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