05 Oct 2019 11:23 AM | Shannon Pennock (Administrator)

HPNA and other leaders from Neighborhood Associations around Jersey CIty met with Mayor Fulop to discuss the Necessities Before Amenities Campaign.  Mayor Fulop was receptive to the feedback and the presentation which can be found here.

Mayor Fulop agreed with several issues raised by the group, and specifically agreed that from now on developers should be required to provide escrow monies upfront to City Planning to allow City Planning to hire outside independent consultants to conduct impact studies for particular developments.  This is routinely done in Manhattan and the studies are used to consider key impacts such as traffic, density, environment and other systemic impacts from large scale development.  Mayor Fulop also agreed that City Planning should be focused on studying how to develop the area north of Hamilton Park in a holistic manner that contemplates the building of community necessities such as adequate green space, public schools, and other public necessities. 

HPNA and other neighborhood leaders from Jersey City will be meeting with City Planning regarding the Necessities Before Amenities campaign on October 16.  Further updates will be provided.  

We need to continue to remind the Administration that public schools, affordable housing, public green space, libraries and other public necessities must be driving the development in Jersey City and not high rise building amenities.  Planning must be done in a holistic manner.  


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