Keeping Trucks Out of Hamilton Park

28 Mar 2017 9:54 AM | Anonymous
The JC Division of Traffic and Engineering , along with the DPW, recently made a number of improvements to this area. Specifically, they:
  • 1.       Repaired the existing street sign pole at southwest corner of the Jersey/10th intersection so it is facing the correct direction and removed the old "detour" sign on same pole;
  • 2.       Replaced both existing "No Truck" signs at the Jersey/10th intersection with larger signs (increase to 30" from 24");
  • 3.       Placed a supplemental "Truck Route" sign at northeast corner of the Jersey/10th intersection;
  • 4.       Placed a "No Right Turn" sign at the Jersey/9th intersection under the existing one-way arrow (left) sign; and
  • 5.       Placed a "Do Not Enter" sign at southwest corner of Jersey/9th intersection (facing east).

The JC Division of Traffic and Engineering is also investigating the feasibility of installing more protection at the park entrance. 

Address: 344 Grove St. PMB #166, Jersey City, NJ 07302

Phone: +1 (201) 589-0750


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