Proposed Roberto Clemente Redevelopment Plan

14 Jan 2017 2:07 PM | Anonymous

There is a proposed RDP (redevelopment plan) for the blocks in between Marin & Manilla, 6th & 8th street.  The baseball field will remain a baseball field.  Please read the details of the plan before taking the survey.

MaryAnn Bucci, Acting Director, Division of City Planning and Matt Ward, Senior Planner would like the neighborhood's feedback.  DO NOT TAKE THIS SURVEY MORE THAN ONCE.


The area is currently within the Luis Munoz Marin RDP.

2014.06.25 Luis Munoz Marin Redevelopment Plan.pdf

The city planners would like to place it within its own RDP which would be called the Roberto Clemente RDP.

2016.12.09 Roberto Clemente Redevelopment Plan DRAFT.pdf

Proposed Plan

Overview of Proposed Changes to RDP

While we are hoping that the city will make changes based on our feedback, should you want to email the city now please also cc the HPNA so that we can reference the amount of emails the city received later.  

Anthony Cruz (Director, Department of Housing, Economic Development & Commerce), MaryAnn Bucci (Acting Director, Division of City Planning), Matt Ward (Senior Planner), Councilwoman Candice Osborne, Council President Rolando Lavarro, Councilman at Large Daniel Rivera, and the HPNA,,,

And most importantly plan on attending the Planning Board meeting.  Check our HPNA website and facebook page to stay up to date.  Possible dates for this to be on the agenda will be 1/24, 2/14, and/or 2/28.

Address: 344 Grove St. PMB #166, Jersey City, NJ 07302

Phone: +1 (201) 589-0750


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