Jersey Ave Park Redevelopment Plan

05 Apr 2016 12:42 AM | Anonymous

There's a lot of new development happening north of Hamilton Park and it falls under the Jersey Ave Park Redevelopment Plan.

2015.05.13 Jersey Ave Park Amd 07 - RDP.pdf

The Cast Iron Lofts have been built, the Soho Building is in progress, and 286-298 Coles Street along with the Van Leer project have initial site plan approval.

Below is an overhead of the latter 2 developments placed into the redevelopment plan map.  All of the open space Hoboken Brownstone is incorporating into the project is very exciting!

What's being planned for 286-298 Coles Street?  Here's a breakdown of the units along with some initial renderings and the latest site plan. The developers will be asking for a variance to the current minimum unit size at the April 5th, 2016 planning board meeting.  For instance the redevelopment plan states that the minimum studio size is 600 sq feet and the developer would like a variance to create studios that range from 450 sq ft to 650 sq ft.

This site is approximately 5.5 acres and will contain a 2 acre public park.  The site is currently approved for 873 units but with the addition of a lot and a variance request approval this would be bumped up to 1,181 units for this site.

2016.03.21 286-298 Coles Street 677009 Site Plan.pdf

Both the Van Leer and 286-298 Coles street site are being developed by Hoboken Brownstone.  The Van Leer site will have approximately 530 units and include a public playground.  

One odd thing about the way this redevelopment plan is being handled is that the maximum density allowed per acre is being calculated not just by using the acreage of the land the developer owns and will build on but also by allowing the developer to count the acreage to the middle of the streets surrounding the building.  This in turn is bumping up the density allowed in this area.

Address: 344 Grove St. PMB #166, Jersey City, NJ 07302

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