October 16, 2016 - 10am-4pm, Rain or Shine

The Hamilton Park House Tour is a walking tour of our neighborhood’s finest interior spaces, with stops at our top retail and dining destinations. Your participation as a sponsor, homeowner or retail/restaurant space is helping the Hamilton Park Neighborhood Association raise funds for St. Lucy’s Shelter – an organization that’s helping the homeless in our neighborhood.

Are you a homeowner or renter interested in joining the house tour? See below for some frequently asked questions on hosting your home on the tour! If you're a realtor, designer, contractor and/or architect - scroll down for some answers to FAQs as they relate to you. 

Tickets go on sale mid-September via our events calendar page.

Don’t see an answer to your question here? Please email hamiltonparkhousetour@gmail.com.


I’d like to volunteer my home for the house tour. What’s next?

We’re so grateful and ecstatic that you are willing to donate your time for the benefit of the homeless in our area! Please reach out to hamiltonparkhousetour@gmail.com to send pictures and schedule a time for a pre-tour home visit to ensure your home meets our criteria to be shown on the tour. Tour-goers will be paying to view the homes on the house tour, so the home visit ensures that your space is 

1. Safe for tour participants and 

2. Contains an elevated design aesthetic that would be interesting to home and architecture enthusiasts.

When does my home have to be ready?

The house tour is October 16th, rain or shine, from 10am-4pm. We require that you “show” your home from those times to tour goers who will have paid for tickets prior to the tour.

Can I be home?

Yes! All homeowners must be present during the House Tour. The neighborhood association is soliciting volunteers to assist in being present at the home for an added layer of presence and as House Captains managing the flow of traffic in the home; however, we highly encourage homeowners to solicit friends and family to be stationed throughout the space to allow peace of mind for home owners opening their door to this event.

Can I ask tour participants to take off their shoes?

Absolutely – it’s your home! Since the event is rain or shine, please ensure there is an area for tour-goers to take off their shoes and pick them back up as they exit your home. The Hamilton Park Neighborhood Association will provide shoe covers to tour-goers when they arrive to pick up their wristband and tour guide, and place additional shoe covers at each home. The HPNA will provide very clear instructions to tour-goers the day of re: removing or covering their shoes at each location to respect the home and its owners.

Do I have to let them into my entire house?

No – you are free to choose which areas of the home you would like to open to tour participants.

I rent. Can I still participate?

Yes. Renters must reach out to their landlord prior to approval to join the tour to ensure the space is covered by insurance. All other information for homeowners above also applies to renters.

How will I know that the person entering my home is a ticketholder?

House Tour participants have paid for a ticket, so they will only be allowed to enter with a wristband and proof of payment stamped on the brochure.

Do I get free tickets for family and friends to take the tour?

As a homeowner you get two (2) free tickets to the House Tour.


Does this have to be a home that recently sold, or can I feature a home that’s currently on the market?

The homes we are featuring are private homes only. This rationale is due to the fact that tour-goers are paying for a ticket for an inside peek into homes not generally open to the public. If a home just sold, or if it’s pre-market, we will definitely consider it, but it cannot be an active listing.

Is my firm/company eligible for advertisement promotions if we submit a home?

Yes! In appreciation of finding us a home for the house tour, you will receive a free mention in the brochure with your picture and contact information. Please contact hamiltonparkhousetour@gmail.com for more info on advertising opportunities in the tour guide.

Can I represent the homeowner instead?

We would prefer homeowners are available and in attendance during the house tour; however, if your client is comfortable allowing you to represent their home instead, we will need written and verbal confirmation of this preference prior to allowing the home on the tour.

If parts of the home are still under construction, can we still be included on the tour?

If the areas in which the tour-goers are accessing are under construction or are unsafe to visit, then those areas will need to be designated as such and not permissible to our guests on the tour. However; if the rooms/areas that are unfinished do not pose a safety hazard to those on the tour, we will allow it. Please contact us to discuss further.

I want to pass out business cards on the tour.

If the homeowners allow it, please leave any informational materials, including business cards, on a table or counter in the home. There should be zero solicitation on the tour.

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