Frequently Asked Questions

WEDDINGS & BIRTHDAYS - How can I use the gazebo or other park space?

While it is commonplace to see people having parties and other small gatherings at the park, the official Jersey City policy is that all park events and festivals are required to have a permit. You can fill out the Special Events application by reaching the Cultural Affairs department. Visit, email, or call 201-547-6921.

Please let us know when your event will take place. Bring your own trash bags and please take the trash with you, or double-bag it and leave it on a street corner by the city cans where they will be picked up daily. Do not leave trash bags in the park.

BBQ TIME - Can we grill and drink alcohol in the park?

No fire or sterno allowed. No alcohol.


The park does not have bathrooms. During some years, HPNA has paid for a port-a-potty to be located near the basketball court, but this may or may not be continued.

FILMING - What do I have to do to shoot a video/film in the park?

Jersey City has created a site to provide you with all of the information for this: We ask that you please email us before filming, to let us know your dates.

SAFETY - I am considering a move to Hamilton Park, is it a safe neighborhood?

We believe

Hamilton Park is one of the most vital and vibrant neighborhoods in the New York metropolitan area - but it is still in an urban region! Most of us feel very safe in our park and our streets, even after dark, yet we urge everyone to stay aware and use common sense. The Jersey City PD is responsive, but only if they know what is going on. If you see something, say something. To reach the precinct for non-emergencies, call 201-547-5477. To reach the East District's Community Relations Officer, PO Dina Lionakis, for crime statistics and community affairs, call 201-547-4370 or email For emergencies ALWAYS CALL 911.


Available to Hamilton Park neighborhood residents for $100 per month. You must show your license and mortgage/lease proving that you live in the neighborhood. Their office is located in the west parking garage on the bottom floor of the north side of the garage. Call 201-626-5619.

Historical Preservation

Important Phone Numbers

Resident Response Center 201‐547‐4900

Need a parking permit?  Jersey City Parking Authority - 201-538-2525 - 394 Central Ave - 8am-4:45pm

Planning an event?  Office of Cultural Affairs - Website Email or Call  201.547.6921 

Broken playground equipment?  Department of Public Works 201-547-4400 and Division of Parks & Forestry (201) 547-4449 

Animal Control 201‐547‐4888

Jersey City Fire Department - Non-Emergency 201-547-4200

Need a stop sign or speed hump?  Jersey City Division of Engineering, Traffic & Transportation 201-547-4419

Housing Code Enforcement 201‐547‐4824

Jersey City Police Department - Non-emergency line 201-547-5477 (Report stolen packages, bikes, suspicious activity.  If you can't make it to the station to file a report ask them to send a patrol car out to you.)

Jersey City East District Police Department - 201-547-5408 - 207 7th Street (This is the desk number. Use this if you are calling for a specific person)

Our Police Community Relations Officer is Dina Lionakis.  She can be reached at or 201-547-4370 .

Jersey City Police Department - Tip Line 201-547-JAIL

Jersey City Police Department - Anti-Graffiti Task Force 201-432-4645 ext 634

As of midnight, April 1, 2016, the Jersey City Incinerator Authority has been dissolved. The functions of the former JCIA have been transferred to the Jersey City Department of Public Works. 

Address: 344 Grove St. PMB #166, Jersey City, NJ 07302

Phone: +1 (201) 589-0750


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